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5 Reasons You Should Have Straight Teeth

So your teeth aren’t quite where you’d like them… That’s okay, its fixable! A beautiful and, more importantly, a healthy smile can make a huge difference on your daily life and quality of life. Having that smile of your dreams can give you more confidence as well as improve upon your overall oral health! Not convinced? Here are 5 reasons of why you should have straight teeth.


Not commonly known, straight teeth are, in fact, healthier. Having straight teeth results in fewer cavities, less discoloration, and less uneven wear or fractures. Furthermore, the gum tissue around straight teeth are less likely to develop periodontal disease. Straight teeth and healthy gums means you can chew anything you please because your teeth are less likely to be sensitive to heat and cold. Straight teeth not only look great, but they lower your risk of painful and costly dental problems.

Having Straight Teeth:

  • Lowers risk of cavities
  • Lowers risk of gum disease
  • Lowers risk of damaging adjacent teeth
  • Lowers risk of jaw alignment issues


Mental health is important too, an additional reason to consider straight teeth is quite simple… Self confidence. Unfortunately in our visually-based society appearance does matter. Recent articles have show the benefits of an attractive appearance and smile as it relates to job opportunities, the amount of money you make, and even the people you attract into your life. Love it or hate it, your smile does reflect on you.


Most don’t consider saving money when thinking about having a straight and beautiful smile, but straight are less likely have accidents. Teeth that stick out are easily broken from falling, the rim of your drink, sports incidents, car crashes and much more. In addition, as stated above,  straight teeth are easier to care for and more often than not, more cared for. This positive impact will ultimately reduce your dental costs over time, you will just need the normal checkups if taken care of properly. So if you’ve been considering braces or Invisalign , think of it as you’re ‘paying it forward’. Not only for your bank account, but for self confidence too!

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Your jaw joints (TMJ) act like hinges and are located on each side of the head just in front of the ears. These joints attach the lower jaw to your head (kind of important). The joints are called upon every time you talk, eat, laugh or even yawn. It takes very little to cause stress and strain to the joints. When the bite is misaligned, the problems that can originate from these joints are vast. These include migraines, headaches and sore jaw joints as well as teeth that are chipped, worn or broken. Other problems are night-time clenching and grinding, ear ringing, jaw popping, difficulty opening the mouth and dizziness. Most people don’t associate these issues with their jaw or their bite alignment and can spend years seeing one specialist after another in attempt of relief!


Astonishing, but did you know having straight teeth could help you live longer. Studies show that people who manage their oral hygiene effectively on average live an extra 7 years. This meaning daily flossing and brushing. However, studies also prove those with crooked or crowded teeth are less likely to maintain this regiment. Falling behind on this could result in gum disease and individuals with gum disease are over 30 percent more likely to suffer coronary artery disease. Straight teeth not only are easier to keep clean, but those with straight teeth are more likely to take care of them.

We appreciate you taking the time to educate yourself! Your mouth, whats in it, and how you take care for it actually play a major roll in your overall health. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to schedule your complimentary consultation, please call (541) 749-2098.