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dream smile

It’s a new year and with that comes resolutions and goals that we hope to achieve. Some of these resolutions may be small things while others may be more demanding in terms of time and effort. One resolution that you may not have considered but should is enhancing your smile this year. Changing your smile can open up many doors and allow for endless opportunities.

If you’re thinking about changing your smile and investing in yourself this year you’re in the right place! A few signs that you may need braces are: crooked or crowded teeth, under or overbites, speech deficiencies, and noticeable jaw pain or noises. If you’re resonating with one or more of these issues it’s a sign that you could be a perfect candidate for braces whether traditional or Invisalign.

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Did you know that braces are for more than just straightening teeth? Orthodonture can improve your speech pattern and bite tremendously. If teeth are misaligned and your bite is off it can make your speech pattern vastly different and sound unnatural, slurred, or overall hard to fully understand which is frustrating.

Enhancing your smile is the perfect way to start out your new year by changing your life and crossing a resolution off of your list. Get the perfect smile you’ve been dreaming about and see just how far it takes you! Schedule your orthodontic consultation with Sullivan Orthodontics in Redmond or Bend Oregon today to start your transformation today.

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Don’t miss out on your fun filled Halloween wallowing about the candy you can’t eat. Celebrate with friends and family by enjoying the candy you can eat and follow that up by brushing your teeth and flossing to hit those hard to reach spots. If you have any candy questions, orthodontic questions, or bracket care questions don’t hesitate to stop by Sullivan Orthodontics in Redmond or Bend for your orthodontist appointment or give us a call!