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The majority of people would say that orthodontics are merely a means to end. They are used to correct a smile and that’s all. But – they’d be wrong. Orthodontics can solve a variety of issues that are commonly forgotten about or sadly, not even thought of at all.

Teeth Alignment & Speech

Still unsure? Did you know that teeth alignment can affect speech? One of the most common reasons for speech impediments is a result of overbites (where the top teeth protrude over the bottom). The overbite is a concern because the teeth do not seal correctly and therefore, the tongue tries to create that seal leading to mispronounced words. In retrospect, an underbite can also create issues with speech as well. Unlike the problem of sealing with the overbite, the underbite prevents the tongue from extending fully and preventing enunciation of sufficient sounds. Teeth alignment is a contributing factor to mispronouncing words, lisps, slurs, and commonly the mispronunciation of the letters “t” and “s”.

Misaligned teeth don’t stop there. They can lead to further health problems as well as throwing off the functionality of muscles, joints, tendons, and bones in both your neck and head. This prevents a cohesive working model and allows for disruption and imbalances leading to head and neck aches

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What about you?

Are you reading this article and suddenly wondering if your teeth are misaligned? Here are a few quick signs of misaligned teeth!

  • Your teeth do not seal cohesively when biting down
  • Teeth are not rotated, twisted, or overcrowded

If this is starting to sound like you or someone you know it may be time to see your local orthodontist. Dr. Sullivan at Sullivan Orthodontics has a few quick tips on how to find the best orthodontist near you.

A consultation could be the first step in clearly communicating with your child or for your child to communicate with their peers. It is critical to communicate efficiently in adolescence to ensure that your child is learning, advancing, and interacting. If you are starting to have recurring headaches or neck pains it may be time to get your bite looked at. Dr. Sullivan can closely examine your bite, jaw mobility, and function to determine if orthodontic treatment is a good solution for you. Dr. Sullivan is an expert in his field and can provide new innovative treatment options that are personalized just for you! Personalization will depend on the bite, age, and corrective issues needed.