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Interceptive Treatment

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Interceptive treatment is a preemptive measure to guide teeth into a more promising position as your child grows. Dr. Sullivan normally recommends treatment only after all the adult teeth have erupted, around the age of 12. However, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that every child be evaluated between the ages of 7 – 9.  At that early age, it’s possible to determine if there are issues related to the child’s growth that should be addressed sooner rather than later. In most cases, Dr. Sullivan will recommend waiting, but in some cases interceptive treatment recommended. With early treatment we can take the least invasive approach to everything – from making room for adult teeth to guiding the growth of the jaw. Addressing these things while their bones are growing gives us the ability to address things that, left unchecked, could require more invasive approaches in the future.

For kids who don’t need early treatment we’ve created our Growth & Guidance program. If your child isn’t ready for treatment they’re perfect for this program. We’ll see them at least once a year, at no charge, to monitor their growth and determine the right time and options for treatment. Plus, they will learn great habits that will help them maintain a healthy, beautiful smile throughout their life.

  • Wonderful place to get your braces whether child or adult. Everyone is so caring and thoughtful and listen to your specific needs. Fear the orthodontist no longer at Sullivan Ortho! Also a very reasonable price with payment plans you can't deny, they really cater to make everything work for you!

    Krystin H. Bend, OR Resident
  • Love it!! Fantastic Orthodontist and wonderful staff!

    Michelle D.
  • Amazing staff. Dr. Sullivan and his staff were absolutely wonderful with my son. My 9 year old had to have head gear and was pretty scared at first. They were very good about encouraging him and supporting him. It was a smooth and pleasant experience from start to finish. I would recommend Dr. Sullivan to anyone I know.

    D. Hardman Bend, OR Resident
  • My son David started his journey to perfect teeth 2 years ago at Sullivan Orthodontics. He just had his braces removed and we could not be happier with the results. David had a lot of over crowding and Dr. Sullivan and his staff were very confident they could transform David's teeth to perfection and they did just that. Dr. Sullivan, Amy and Brandy were great to work with. They are professional, friendly, accommodating and fantastic at what they do. They will follow up ensure his perfect smile stays that way after the braces come off. I would recommend their services with great confidence to anyone.

    Mike M. Redmond, OR Resident
  • We just completed phase 1 with Sullivan Orthodontics and it’s been a great experience. Great team, great office staff, great care. Thank you!

    Liz F.
  • Dr. Sullivan is awesome. My daughter loves going in for her monthly appointments and her teeth are looking awesome!!

    Jill B.
  • Dr. Sullivan treats his staff with dignity and clearly wants to help them be successful.

    Desiree C.
  • We love Dr. Sullivan and his office staff! Dr. Sullivan is very professional and caring. My daughter had a difficult case which required two sets of braces over a span of several years. We are thrilled with the outcome and the care we received. I highly recommend Dr. Sullivan!!

    Sue H. Redmond, OR Resident

Interested in Interceptive Treatment?

Ensuring They Grow Happy and Healthy.

  • Ensuring Bone Structure
  • Healthy Tooth Placement
  • Minimize Future Issues

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Our practice utilizes the most state-of-the-art technology in orthodontics to ensure our patients receive the highest level of comfort and care. Our approach to treatment is patient-driven and dedicated to enhancing each patient’s unique facial features.

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Fast and biocompatible braces to achieve beautiful, wide Sullivan Smiles.

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